by bryan TITUS

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The full length studio album "... anymore" by bryan Titus.

11 Original Tracks of rootsy, gutsy American music. Rock 'n Roll, Gospel, Country, Blues & Bluegrass ... all stewing in the same pot. Strong characters - in the music, it's execution and the stories the songs tell. A hard working band that puts it down in the studio and backs it up on the stage.

Featured musicians include funk-soul-boogie Goddess Charlie Superfly, Skip Edwards (Dwight Yoakam), Jon Weed (SchwarZenator) and many others!

... there's a secret surprise track too!


released August 20, 2010


Bryan Titus - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Violin & Viola

Jonathan Weed - Acoustic, Electric & 12-String Guitars, Mandolin, Backing Vocals

Will Weissman - Bass

Jeremy Miller - Drums & Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Gerry Mattei - Keyboards & Piano
Skip Edwards - Pedal Steel (tracks 3, 7 & 11)
Charlie Superfly - Guest Vocal (track 1)
Tracy Nicole Chapman & Debbie Kee - Add. Vocals (tracks 2, 3 & 8)
Hanna Kondo Weed - Backing Vocals (track 7)
Ryan "Frogs" McCormack - Add. Percussion (track 9)

Recorded at Sonic Environments by Jeffery Weed. Vocals recorded at Eargasm Studios by Chris Wonzer and additional recording at Radar! Studios by Jonathan Weed.

Photography by Joanne Leung
Design by Alen Catolico

© 2010 by Bryan Titus/Jonathan Weed
All rights reserved. Neon Zion/BMI Gasius Clay/ASCAP


all rights reserved



bryan TITUS Santa Barbara, California

bryan TITUS is a rootsy, gutsy American singer/songwriter. Backed by a cookin' band, bryan delivers a unique blend of Rock 'n Roll, Gospel, Country, Blues & Bluegrass ... all stewing in the same pot. The music highlights the strong characters, iconic images and universal stories of American life. bryan TITUS leads a hard working band that puts it down in the studio and backs it up on the stage. ... more

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Track Name: A Little More
(by Bryan Titus & Jonathan Weed)

Yeah let’s get this motor running
Yeah I feel it purring I hear it humming
Shaking jumping big piston pumping
Yeah let’s get this mother fucking
Is it just a dream
Am I gonna scream tonight
Yeah I’m feeling like I’m flying
Yeah I’m sweating hard ‘cuz girl I’m trying
So smooth this groove I can’t stop moving
Yeah you heard now watch me prove it
She says she needs a little more
She’s searching for it
But I’m giving all I got
She says she’s knocking at the door a little more
A little more she’s almost soaring
Don’t you fucking stop
Now girl I must be going
But your love is over flowing
I’d love to stay but not in these chains
Oh these chains that you’re holding
Don’t wanna be a prisoner of love
Just a dog on a chain for love
Don’t wanna feel no pain
Of love
Track Name: Anymore
(by Bryan Titus & Jonathan Weed)

Went up to the top of the mountain
Tryin’ to put it all back together
I was looking for the face of forgiveness
But she lit upon the wind like a feather
Once you’ve lost it you can’t find anymore
Made my way thru the valley
To the place where your memory’s kept
Now that you’re gone I can’t call this a home
Just the place where my body last slept
Oh my home is where you are I can’t find it anymore
Once you’ve lost it you can’t find
Once you cross it there’s no line
Once you’ve lost it you can’t find anymore
Standing down by the cross roads
But it don’t matter which way I go
Even if you could forgive me my love
There’s only one thing I know
The shattered glass sparkled like diamonds
On the edge of the road
And the windows are all busted out
And the engine is cold
All twisted and mangled all edges and angles
Gone down the rabbit hole
The remnants of a rain-washed photograph
On a telephone pole
Track Name: You Got Life
(by Bryan Titus & Jonathan Weed)

There’s a paycheck burning a hole in his pocket
And a faded photograph inside a gold plated locket
Worn with the weight of a hang man’s noose around his neck
So he hunts through the neon lit night for distraction
Where easy excuses buy cheap satisfactions
And a double of bottom shelf whiskey might help him forget
That he wanted love but he got life
Yeah he wanted so bad to feel it but it cut him down to size
He locked up his heart behind the cold steel bars
All he wanted was love … but he got life
Now the day’s just a chore when the kids are at school
And her man is working late again he takes her for a fool
Sometimes the ring on her finger is heavy like a ball and chain
So she hunts through the false names and fake interactions
Where easy excuses make for small satisfactions
The chat room rendezvous sometimes they quiet the pain … but not all the way
‘Cuz she wanted love but she got life
Yeah she wanted so bad to feel it but it cut her like a knife
She locked up her heart behind the cold steel bars … forever
Sentenced to yesterday’s endless repeat
Locked in this limbo how you yearn to be free
But heartbreak will hold you like prison cell walls
Trapped like a spirit … haunting the halls of your heart
‘Cuz you wanted love but you got life
Yeah you want so bad to feel it but it cuts you down inside
Don’t lock up your heart behind the cold steel bars
All you wanted was love … But you got life
Track Name: Sweat
(by Bryan Titus & Jonathan Weed)

You make me sweat
You make me burn
You make me upset
You make me concerned
You’re the solution to the problem
You’re the problem yourself
You don’t need no help

You make me stretch
You make me bend
You make me wretched
You make me dependent
I think I like you no I love you
Just a little too much
I can’t give you up

You’re like my last cigarette ever
You’re like my last bottle of wine
You never learn to never say never
This time I’ve made up my mind

Oh I’m gonna quit you
I’m gonna quit you for good – yeah, yeah
I know you’re trying to kill me baby
I almost wish that you would
Track Name: Cooper House Blues
(by Bryan Titus & Jonathan Weed)

Oh my head I’m staggering dead
Drank my fill but my hunger can’t be fed
What have I become

Oh my soul has withered in the cold
And I feel a chill at what my eyes they now behold
What have I become

Sweet Jesus come for me
Unleash your sympathy
Have mercy on my soul
Won’t you come to take me home

Oh my hands are deaf to my commands
My soul forsaken for what sin have I been damned
What have I oh what have I done

Oh the darkness grows inside me
And this hunger has denied me
All that I am

Was I once a man
Track Name: Mayflower
(by Bryan Titus)

I took a chance on my own mayflower
Paid an advance to your daddy’s dowry
And drank from your poison chalice
You broke my heart like the Grand Canyon
Split me open with a reckless abandon
And drank deep the flood of all my malice

All that I’d been thinking about
Was all that I could oh do without and
I don’t really know what I can do
With what’s left of my love

You made me wonder and wax Socratic
Trapped in cavernous thoughts I panic
And dust the cobwebs from my attic
Bought a padlock and shut it tight
Sneak a peak on a moonless midnight
And hold ... just hold my head and cry

All that I’d been thinking about
Was all that I’d been oh missing out on
And I don’t really know what I can do with what’s left of my love

Oh take a stab at starting over
Our hope is pinned upon a four leaf clover
I hear the rumor is she’s waiting at the dock
Better buy a ticket get off of this rock

I took a chance on my own Mayflower
Take a chance on your own Mayflower
I took a chance on my own Mayflower
Take a chance on your own Mayflower.
Track Name: Stay On My Mind
(by Bryan Titus & Jonathan Weed)

I’ve got everything I want
I’ve got everything I need
Fool myself into contentment
All alone in make believe

Stay on my mind

All the good days and the bad
Well they’re all the same for me
When all the faces run together
You’re the only one I see

Stay on my mind

Be never lonely
Sing this refrain
Here in my memory
Beg you to remain

There’s just a picture of an old man
Where my mirror used to be
But the words I have forgotten
Can’t eclipse the melody
Track Name: When It Comes to Love
(by Jonathan Weed & Bryan Titus)

You said you don’t want no more coffee
And I’m tired of hearing me talk
I guess this date is officially over
Now it’s time for that long awkward walk … to my car

And my car, she ain’t that pretty
But she runs good if you can get her to start
Just like me she was made in America
She’s dependable and it ain’t that far … To your house

Where are you
When it comes to love
Why are you … so certain
That you’ve had enough
When it comes to love

Now the small talk just keeps getting smaller
Until there ain’t nothing left at all
But I’ll keep on smiling hope I’m worth your while
And just maybe next week you’ll call
It took a lot of rings for you to take my call

And it took a lot of calls for you to even see me at all
Your broken heart is safe here in my hands
So let’s give love one more chance
Track Name: Numb
(by Bryan Titus & Jonathan Weed)

It wasn’t the first time
It wasn’t the worst time
Been let down before
Been down that road
I learned the hard way
The broken and scarred way
I don’t open up no more
Paid what’s owed

Yeah and when the feeling leaves you
Stranded damned and alone
Yeah and when the feeling leaves you
What will you have to show for the time you atoned

I found if I don’t care
There’s nothing to hurt there
This situation
Can’t get no worse
Open and empty
Nothing except me
But my salvation’s
Become my curse

Haunted by these dreams
Drowning in this empty soul
Stifling these screams
Cut them off but can’t let go
Track Name: Skyline
(by Bryan Titus & Jonathan Weed)

The curtains are drawn - Nobody’s home
The rain taps the window - Steady and slow

But I wait for you
Like I always do

And you build these bridges - Just to watch them burn down
Your fear has foundations - Laid deep in the ground
You’re still running away
Lost in the alleys of your hear shaped maze

If you stay with me I’ll take you to a place
Where we can watch the skyline changing
If you stay with me if you stay with me
We can touch the twilight fading

Your prize is a penthouse - Your head in the clouds
Locked away in your ivory tower - So lonely and proud
You hid your love so well
Trapped in the alleys of your heart shaped hell

If you stay with me I’ll take you to a place
Where we can watch the skyline changing
If you stay with me if you stay with me
We can touch the twilight fading

Fade away ... home
Fade away ... home

If you stay with me I’ll take you to a place
Where we can …. Where we can
If you stay with me I’ll take you to a place
Where we can watch the skyline changing
If you stay with me if you stay with me
We can touch the twilight fading
Track Name: War Inside
(by Jonathan Weed & Bryan Titus)

The days blur there’s no time to worry ‘bout what’s left behind
Memories passing swiftly vanishing quickly

Into a cruel blue sky the sun the sand that burn my eyes
The light of fire fights bright through shivering nights

In this alone no choices
We carry our own sweet poison
Six feet below no voices
With hell on my shoulders
Still fighting the war inside

The silence grows around me uncertainty and doubt surround me
The tragic game followed me home sickened my soul

I search for peace but I find none
Await a sleep that never comes
Nowhere to hide
The war goes on inside

A welcome rain falls now surrendered to the solemn ground
Enshrouded in the gentle sound I lay me down.

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